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Stiff Bristle Brush
Medium stiff crimped bristles. Narrower block for smaller hands. 6½" Long.
Snuggy Groomer with Large Teeth
Shaped to fit in your hand, making the job of currying easier! Large rubber cone-shaped teeth reach down through coats to lift dirt off skin. Great for dry grooming or for use during bathing. 3¼" x 6
Face Brush
Small, easy-to-handle brush with gentle horsehair bristles. Great for face and sensitive areas. 5" long
Curved Handle Mane & Tail Brush
Great Brush for manes and tails.
Portable 4 Hook Tack Rack
Two swivel hooks on top allow Rack to hang on a stall door, wall, fence, or trailer door when traveling or at home. Four swivel hooks to hold your tack. Black only. 17" long, hook opening 1 7/8" wide.
Supreme 8qt Bucket
Made of highly durable polyprop
Hand Braided Heavy Cotton 4' Lead
Hand braided¾" cotton Lead, 4' long. Just the right length to conveniently lead a horse out to the pasture or into a stall.
Grooming Tote
This sturdy plastic tote is ideal for ring-side touchups as well as grooming at home. Perfectly sized, 10" x 15" x 4" deep, holds just enough and is easy to carry. Base is slotted to fit over a fence rail board.

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Stiff Bristle Brush
Face Brush
Curved Handle Mane/Tail Brush
Portable 4 Hook Rack
Supreme 8 qt. Bucket
Heavy Cotton Lead
Snuggy Groomer
Grooming Tote