MMOHSC Shows for 2006

April 29th - Ithaca - Teddy Bear Show - Aerial Map - Showbill
Come as you are: No show clothes! No clipping, bathing or banding!   This show will follow a separate show bill and does not count toward year-end awards.
Contact: Angie Bailey (989) 875-4686
Judge:    Shawn Frisbie

May 27th & 28th - Midland
Contact:   Johanna Jozwiak (989) 835-8379
Judges:    Elizabeth Banks
Laura Standen

June 10th & 11th - Ithaca - Aerial Map
June 9th (Friday), 6PM Trail (PAYBACKS)
June 11th, NO SHOW CLOTHES, fun classes added through out the day, Leadless showmanship (payback).

FAMILY FUN DAY! Still counts for points - Showbill (pdf)
Contact: Billie Jo Willoughby (989) 828-5379
Judges:    Julie Fleming
Jennifer McClelland

July 1st & 2nd - Ithaca - Aerial Map
Contact:   Karin Shaull (989) 875-4404
Judges:    JoAnn Kosanic
Mark DeLisle

July 15th & 16th Mt. Pleasant  - Basic Map  - Aerial Map - Weather History
Contact: Claire Carroll (989) 775-7088
Judges:  Audrey Karnes
Ron Chandler

August 26th & 27th - Ithaca - Aerial Map
Sunday, August 27, NO SHOW CLOTHES
Contact:   Angie Bailey (989) 875-4686
Judges:    Gayle Ledwidge
Kathy Bogetta


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