A. General

1.  This class is to show the ability of a highly trained English/Western horse.  Appointments shall follow those of pleasure classes.

2.  Judge shall work the horses adequately but must not overwork the entries.

This is not a game or a fault and out class, and shall not be judged on an elimination basis.  Final judging shall be on the basis of the best overall disciplined rail performance.  At all times, the safety of the horses and exhibitors is to be the first concern.

3.  Disciplined Rail classes must be restricted to either Western or English equipment.  No points will be awarded to mixed seat classes.


B.  Disciplined Rail

1.  The class routine shall be to perform work on the rail, and may include, but is not limited to:

         a. A short walk, jog, or slow lope.

         b. A hand gallop (no more than eight horses at a time, twice around the


         c. Flying changes of lead each way of the ring.

         d. Starting into a lope from a halt.

         e. Sliding stop.

         f. Starting and traveling on the counter lope.

         g. Side pass both left and right (once each way).

         h. Turn on the forehand and turn on the hind quarters (once each way).

         i.  Dismount and mount from either side.

         j.  Stand Quietly

         k. Judge may ask for additional safe work.

2.  To be judged on performance, manners and conformation